Summer Camp FAQ

Q: Is there cell service at CBB?

A: Sorry but there is no cell service at CBB. The world won’t fall apart in a week. Give your thumbs a break. If you really need it, there is a spot 1/4 mile south of camp (and 1200′ up) at the top of the mountain where you’ll get full bars If you aren’t up for the trek, a short 20 mile drive down canyon to Wapiti will also work. We do provide a courtesy phone that takes calling cards (available at the trading post) for campers so you can tell your mom how much fun you are having.


Q: Is there internet at CBB?

A: Not really. We have satellite based internet with a low daily bandwidth cap. We use it for administrative use only.


Q: What about the bears?

A: Yes, there are bears at/near CBB, both black and grizzly. We see them, or signs of them, every year. We also take significant measures to avoid a negative human-bear interaction.

  • Our Leader’s guide has a special section on how to safely camp in bear country.
  • We review this information with each troop when they check in.
  • Each campsite is equipped with a bear box (a large locking steel box) for scouts to safely store their smellable items.
  • We don’t allow food anywhere but the dining hall or trading post.
  • We have a bear team specialist from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department come to do a safety lecture every Monday night.
  • Each of our program areas is issued a can of bear spray.


Q: How much money should I bring (or send with my son) for the trading post?

A: Each scout’s spending habits are different but the average scout seems to spend $40 or more at the trading post over the course of a week. We offer a full snack selection as well as handicraft kits, a selection of camping equipment, toiletries, BSA literature, and CBB gifts and apparel.


Q: Our troop wants to tour Yellowstone on Wednesday, do you provide lunch?

A: Yes, we provide a box lunch (some assembly required) for your unit. We ask for a head count for lunch by Monday dinner so we can prepare them accordingly.


Q: Our troop wants to tour Yellowstone before/after our week at camp. Can we come early/stay late?

A: Yes, we have units who spend a few extra days at camp to maximize their time to tour Yellowstone. Our rental/basecamp rates apply for those days spent only camping. On weekends, units are responsible for their own food between Saturday breakfast and Sunday dinner.