Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek

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USGS Quads:

  • Eagle Creek
  • Pinnacle Mountain
  • Eagle Peak

Day 1 Eagle Cr. Campground (Not Trailhead) to Eagle Creek Meadows FS trail 755

Miles: 8.5, Elevation: 6500’-7500’


Day 2 Eagle Cr. Meadows to Base of Eagle Creek Pass

Miles: 5, Elevation: 7500- 8000’


Day 3 Layover Day – Hike Eagle Pass,

Miles: 5 RT, Elevation: 8000’ – 9628’


Day 4 Eagle Creek Pass to Eagle Creek Meadows

Miles: 5, Elevation: 8000’ – 7500’


Day 5 Eagle Creek Meadows to Eagle Creek TH

Miles: 8.5, Elevation: 7500’ – 6500‘