North Fork Headwaters

Crow Cr. Jones Cr. Camp Monaco- Grinnell Meadows  Approx. 45 Mi

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USGS Quads:

  • Pahaska Teepee
  • Cathedral Peak
  • Mount Chitteden
  • Sunlight Peak
  • Eagle Creek (last ½ mile)


Day 1 Trailhead to Crow Creek (FS trail 751.2A)

~ 6 Miles, Elevation: 6671 – 8000’


Day 2 Crow Creek to Jones Creek (Up and Over) FS trail 751.2A to 751.2B

7 Miles, Elevation: 8000’ – 9800’ – 8000’


Day 3 Jones Creek to Sam Berry Meadows

7.5 Miles, Elevation: 8000’ – 6866’


Day 4 Sam Berry Meadows to Camp Monaco (FS trail 751)

5 miles, Elevation: 6866 – 7691’


Day 5 Camp Monaco to Newton’s Prospect (FS trail 751- FS trail 776

5 miles,  Elevation: 7691’ – 8174’


Day 6 Newton’s Prospect to Grinnell Meadows (up and over) FS 776- FS 753

6 miles, Elevation: 9400’-10,000’ pass – 8200’


Day 7 Grinnell Meadows to Pahaska TH

7.5 mi, Elevation: 8200’ – 6700’