Yellowstone Surf-n-Turf


The mad scientists at YHAO have cooked up an adventure afloat and afoot in Yellowstone.

Your crew will split into two groups, one starting at on Yellowstone or Shoshone Lake in Sea Kayaks. The other group will start on foot in either Yellowstone or the Washakie Wilderness. The groups will meet halfway through their adventure, switch gear, and complete the expedition.

  • Crews are limited to 8 persons each
  • Trek length is 7 days in the backcountry plus one front country training day plus check-in and check-out days at basecamp for a total of 10 days. Shorter 6 day itineraries Sun-Sat) are available- please contact us to arrange.
  • Cost for the 7 day program is $600 per person.
  • This trek is only available after July 15 due to bear restrictions, snowy mountain passes, and high water crossings.


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