Camp FAQ

Q: Is there cell service at CBB?

A: Sorry but there is no cell service at CBB. The world won’t fall apart in a week. Give your thumbs a break. If you really need it, there is a spot 1/4 mile south of camp (and 1200′ up) at the top of the mountain where you’ll get full bars If you aren’t up for the trek, a short 20 mile drive down canyon to Wapiti will also work. We do provide a courtesy phone that takes calling cards (available at the trading post) for campers so you can tell your mom how much fun you are having.

Q: Is there internet at CBB?

A: Not really. We have satellite based internet with a low daily bandwidth cap. We use it for administrative use only.

Q: What about the bears?

A: Yes, there are bears at/near CBB, both black and grizzly. We see them, or signs of them, every year. We also take significant measures to avoid a negative human-bear interaction.

  • Our Leader’s guide has a special section on how to safely camp in bear country.
  • We review this information with each troop when they check in.
  • Each campsite is equipped with a bear box (a large locking steel box) for scouts to safely store their smellable items.
  • We don’t allow food anywhere but the dining hall or trading post.
  • We have a bear team specialist from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department come to do a safety lecture every Monday night.
  • Each of our program areas is issued a can of bear spray.

Q: How much money should I bring (or send with my scout) for the trading post?

A: Each scout’s spending habits are different but the average scout seems to spend $70 or more at the trading post over the course of a week. We offer a full snack selection as well as handicraft kits, a selection of camping equipment, toiletries, BSA literature, and CBB gifts and apparel.

Q: Our troop wants to tour Yellowstone on Wednesday, do you provide lunch?

A: Yes, we provide a box lunch (some assembly required) for your unit. We ask for a head count for lunch by Monday dinner so we can prepare them accordingly.

Q: Our troop wants to tour Yellowstone before/after our week at camp. Can we come early/stay late?

A: Yes, we have units who spend a few extra days at camp to maximize their time to tour Yellowstone. Our rental/basecamp rates apply for those days spent only camping. On weekends, units are responsible for their own food between Saturday breakfast and Sunday dinner.

Q: What is provided at each campsite?

A: Each campsite is equipped with a picnic table, fire ring, bulletin board, shovel, rake, and two #10 cans. Larger sites have 2 tables. We do not provide a shade structure. 2-person tents are available for rent on a first come, first served basis from the camp quartermaster.

Q: Are there mosquitos/bugs at camp?

A: There are a few bugs at CBB. However, the quantity is highly dependent on precipitation and temperature. For the most part, a little bug spray and long pants are enough to keep the bugs at bay in the evenings. We recommend (and sell) bug repellents that use picaridin or clothing treatments that use permethrin instead of DEET.

Q: What medical forms do I need for my scout?

A: For our traditional week long summer camp program, each participant will need parts A, B, and C of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record including an exam from a medical practitioner. High adventure participants should also review part D of the form with their provider. These forms are linked from the downloads page of this site.

Q: What else should I bring as a leader?

A: Leaders should also be sure to print out merit badge rosters for each boy from the online merit badge system.

Q: Are there fishing/ fly fishing rods to borrow at camp?

A: We have a few fishing rods to loan to scouts in the fishing program who do not have their own. We also offer a selection of entry level spinning, spin casting, and fly fishing setups at the trading post in the $45-60 price range.

Q: Do I need a fishing license to fish at camp?

A:  Yes. All fishermen and fisherwomen need to purchase a Wyoming fishing license. Youth under the age of 14 do not need a Wyoming license as long as they are fishing with a licensed adult. All Wyoming fishing licenses also require the purchase of a conservation stamp. Wyoming fishing licenses can be purchased online at

Those who wish to fish in Yellowstone will need to purchase a Yellowstone fishing license through a vendor in the park.